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Networking is an essential part of building your business

While co-working spaces are known for their many benefits, arguably one of their biggest selling points are the opportunities they create for networking. Common areas around the workspace and shared office space provides opportunities to interact with people and allows for relationships to develop naturally. These interactions have the potential to convert into generating leads, partnership opportunities and potential clients!

Networking is an essential part of building your business and is one of the most efficient ways to gain knowledge and experience from others, while promoting your business. Within a co-working space, people come from various backgrounds, education, and training, and as a result possess unique skill sets. This sets up an environment that is conducive to collaboration.

Below are a few tips on how to get the most out of networking

Start a conversation

It’s as simple as saying “Hello”. Try to keep things casual for your first interaction, focusing on having a conversation rather than trying to pitch and sell your business. Being authentic and throwing a smile in will go a long way!

Use common spaces and events to network

CubeWS offers common spaces such as the cafeteria, coffee stations, or even the hallway which are perfect places to strike up a conversation. Our Cube Social and Cube Connects events are also the perfect spaces to network in a friendly and social environment!

Share your knowledge

Sharing knowledge in line with your business will encourage people to approach you in the future. This will also lead to you being on the receiving end of useful knowledge in the future.

Share promotional material

Investing in business cards and other promotional materials are easy ways to remind people of your business, with the potential of creating brand recall value.

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